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DeWalt Train Horn Gun with Remote

DeWalt Train Horn Gun with Remote

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Comparing Each Dewalt Train Horn

Introducing the DeWalt Train Horn: Quad Air Horn with Remote – a standout air horn gun that guarantees attention-grabbing sounds for various situations. Crafted by hand from robust materials, this horn ensures lasting use and steadfast performance.

Key Features of the DeWalt Train Horn:

  1. Four Trumpets for Maximum Volume: Experience a distinctive and loud train horn sound with the four trumpets designed to create maximum volume, ensuring that you capture everyone's attention.

  2. Up to 150db Sound Level: With an impressive 150db sound level, this air horn can project a powerful sound audible from over a mile away. Ideal for outdoor events, construction sites, and sporting games.

  3. Handmade from Original Impact Tool: Built from the original impact tool, this Train Horn Gun is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring durability. It can withstand extreme weather conditions, guaranteeing years of reliable performance.

  4. Remote Control Convenience: Cordless and portable, the Dewalt portable air horn can be operated effortlessly with a trigger button or remote control, offering activation from a distance of up to 160ft.

  5. Versatile for Various Settings: Perfect for outdoor events, sporting games, construction sites, and more, the Dewalt horn gun is a versatile tool that adapts to different environments.

In summary, the DeWalt Train Horn Gun with Remote is an outstanding product producing a loud and distinctive train horn sound. Boasting four trumpets, a 150db sound level, handmade original impact tool construction, and a cordless design with trigger button and remote control, this air horn gun is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a reliable and versatile horn for diverse situations.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Dave McNary
Alaska….DeWalt version

Works great…and kinda fun for running the grizzly bears outta the yard

Ross Lundy

DeWalt Train Horn Gun with Remote


Loud and fun

Enrique Rodriguez
Love it

Excellent . Love it. Use it for my kids sports.

David Heydenreich
Great horn

Loud and has an awesome tone. Love it!

Nika Williams
Wish it came with a battery

Gun is fun af and the remote is great. Ive scared the crap out of everyone i know.
Wish to God a battery had come with it. i ordered a dewalt so i had some lying around. Im okay.

Jay Huebner

DeWalt Train Horn Gun with Remote

jonathan neal

DeWalt Train Horn Gun with Remote

Johnny Baeza

I honestly didn't believe they were going to be this loud but after purchasing my first set of Boss horns they are extremely loud and they it sounds exactly like a freight train in fact I expect to order me another set for then the next month for my grandson they're unbelievable I am satisfied customer thank you

Cristopher Johansen
Badass Horn

For anyone looking to upgrade their little fog horn or for the train folks out there this boss is sure to make you happy ! (And piss other people off naturally ) Dont hesitate and just buy it ! Love that it uses drill batteries too