About us

Welcome to Horngun.com.
We're a team of passionate enthusiasts leveraging the power of technology to revolutionize your experience of sound, excitement, and attention. Every day, we strive to enhance our skills and operations to deliver an even better service. Our goal is to evoke the same incredible emotions from using our Hornguns that we ourselves have felt.

Established in 2022 in California, our company was founded by two friends. Although our team has expanded since then, we've maintained our roots as a close-knit, family-like company. Our core values prioritize fostering a warm atmosphere and enjoying our work together.

Hornguns represent a fresh concept to us.
We have an insatiable passion for all things novel, and it fuels our enthusiasm to the utmost.
We take great pleasure in pursuing our endeavors.
We diligently strive to grasp the intricacies and enhance our offerings. Rest assured, we pledge to unveil exciting new products that will pleasantly surprise you.
Each time you place an item in your online cart, you demonstrate your trust in us, and we are committed to never disappointing you.

Thank you for taking the time to read all the way through.
Wishing everyone the best of luck!



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