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Are you looking for a powerful and convenient air horn for your train? Look no further than our online store, where we offer top-of-the-line portable rechargeable remote-controlled train air horns.

Our air horns are made from brand-new impact drills, ensuring durability and reliability. With a sound level of up to 150db, our air horns will make sure that you are heard from a distance. The remote operation distance of up to 160ft provides you with the convenience of controlling the horn from a distance, adding to the ease of use.

One of the best features of our air horns is that no installation is needed. They are ready to use straight out of the box – simply connect the battery, and you are good to go. This makes our air horns ideal for train operators who want a hassle-free solution for adding a powerful sound to their train.

In addition to their functionality, our air horns are also built to last. The metal trumpets ensure that the air horns are robust and can withstand the rigors of train operation. This makes them a smart investment for any train operator looking for a reliable air horn.

Don't settle for a subpar air horn for your train. Choose our portable rechargeable remote-controlled train air horns for a high-quality and convenient solution. Place your order today and experience the difference for yourself!

Air Horn for Trains

1. Safety Precaution: Use the air horn to alert pedestrians and vehicles of an approaching train, reducing the risk of accidents at railway crossings.
2. Emergency Signaling: In the event of a problem or danger on the tracks, the air horn can be used to signal for help or alert nearby personnel.
3. Maintenance Warning: Utilize the air horn to communicate maintenance or repair activities to other trains or railway staff for safety and coordination.
4. Passenger Communication: Use the air horn for communication with passengers, such as indicating departure or arrival at stations or emergency situations.
5. Wildlife Protection: Sound the air horn to deter animals from wandering onto the tracks, preventing potential collisions and damage to the train.


Q1: Are these air horns loud enough for trains?
A1: Yes, the sound level reaches up to 150db, which is loud enough to be heard by trains and other vehicles.

Q2: Can I adjust the volume of the air horns?
A2: No, the volume is not adjustable. However, the 150db sound level is already very loud.

Q3: How far away can I operate the air horns with the remote control?
A3: The remote operation distance is up to 160ft, allowing you to operate the air horns from a significant distance.

Q4: Do I need to install the air horns?
A4: No installation is needed. The air horns are portable and ready to use straight out of the box.

Q5: What kind of batteries do I need for the air horns?
A5: The air horns are rechargeable and come with a battery included. Simply connect the battery and you are ready to use the air horns.


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