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Upgrade Your Snowplow with a Portable Remote-Controlled Train Horn

Are you tired of constantly trying to get the attention of other drivers and pedestrians when clearing snow with your snowplow? Look no further – our online store has the perfect solution for you. We sell portable remote-controlled train horns that are specifically designed for snowplows.

Our train horns are made of brand-new impact drills, ensuring durability and reliability. With a sound level of up to 150db, these horns are impossible to ignore, making your snowplow operations safer and more efficient. The remote operation distance of up to 160ft allows you to easily and conveniently activate the horn from a distance, giving you complete control over your vehicle.

One of the best features of our train horns is that no installation is needed. They come ready to use straight out of the box – simply connect the battery and you are ready to go. This easy setup saves you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Additionally, our train horns are equipped with metal trumpets, ensuring a clear and powerful sound that will make your presence known in any environment. Whether you are working in a busy urban area or a remote rural location, our train horns will ensure that you are heard and seen.

Don't let overlooked snowplow operations put you or others at risk. Upgrade your snowplow with our portable remote-controlled train horns and experience the difference for yourself. Visit our online store today and take the first step towards enhancing the safety and effectiveness of your snowplow operations.

Introducing the Powerful Air Horn for Snowplows!

1. Safety First: The air horn for snowplows is an essential tool for alerting pedestrians and other drivers to the presence of the plow, helping to prevent accidents and ensure everyone's safety.

2. Clearing the Way: With the loud and unmistakable sound of the air horn, snowplows can effectively warn vehicles and pedestrians to clear the way, allowing for more efficient and effective snow removal.

3. Emergency Situations: In case of emergencies or urgent situations, the air horn can be used to quickly and effectively communicate with others on the road, ensuring a clear path for the snowplow.

4. Increased Visibility: By using the air horn, snowplows can increase their visibility and presence on the road, reducing the risk of collisions and enhancing overall safety during snow clearing operations.

5. Enhanced Productivity: With the air horn for snowplows, operators can work more confidently and with greater peace of mind, knowing that they have a powerful and reliable tool to alert others to their presence and ensure a safer work environment.


1. Is the air horn easy to use?
Yes, the air horn is very easy to use. Simply connect the battery and you're ready to go.

2. Can the sound level be adjusted?
No, the sound level is not adjustable. It is fixed at 150db.

3. How far away can the air horn be operated from?
The air horn can be operated remotely from up to 160ft away.

4. Do I need to install the air horn?
No, no installation is needed. The air horn is ready to use straight out of the box.

5. Are the trumpets made of a durable material?
Yes, the air horn's trumpets are made of metal, ensuring durability.

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