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Are you tired of the same old boring horn on your forklift? Looking to add some excitement and functionality to your workplace? Look no further! Our online store has just what you need - portable remote-controlled train horns made of brand-new impact drills, specifically designed for forklifts.

One of the standout features of our air horns is their impressive sound level of up to 150db. This means that you can grab everyone's attention, ensuring safety and efficiency in your workplace. Whether you need to alert pedestrians, signal other forklift operators, or simply make your presence known, our air horns will get the job done.

Not only do our air horns pack a powerful punch in terms of sound, but they also offer a remarkable remote operation distance of up to 160ft. This means that you can activate the horn from a distance, making it even more convenient and user-friendly. No more reaching for the horn button or struggling to be heard in noisy environments - our remote-controlled feature ensures that you can sound the horn with ease.

Installation is a breeze with our air horns. No need to worry about complicated wiring or mounting procedures. Simply connect the battery, and you're ready to go! Our air horns come ready to use straight out of the box, saving you time and effort. With minimal setup required, you can start enjoying the benefits of our air horns immediately.

When it comes to durability, our air horns are built to last. The metal trumpets ensure a sturdy construction, capable of withstanding the demands of any workplace. You can rely on our air horns to withstand the test of time, providing you with a reliable and long-lasting solution for your forklift horn needs.

In conclusion, if you're in the market for an air horn for your forklift, look no further than our online store. Our portable remote-controlled train horns, made of brand-new impact drills, offer a sound level of up to 150db and a remote operation distance of up to 160ft. With no installation required and metal trumpets for durability, our air horns are ready to use straight out of the box. Upgrade your forklift horn today and experience the convenience and functionality that our air horns provide.

5 Creative Ways to Use an Air Horn for Forklifts

1. Enhanced Safety Measures: By equipping forklifts with air horns, you can significantly improve safety in the workplace. The loud and attention-grabbing sound of the air horn can alert pedestrians and other forklift operators of the presence of a forklift, reducing the risk of accidents and collisions. This can be particularly useful in busy warehouses or construction sites where visibility may be limited.

2. Efficient Traffic Management: Forklifts equipped with air horns can be used to effectively manage traffic flow within a warehouse or industrial setting. The loud sound can be used as a signal to indicate right of way or to alert other forklift operators of an approaching vehicle. This can help streamline operations, reduce congestion, and enhance overall productivity.

3. Emergency Situations: In case of emergencies such as fires or evacuations, air horns on forklifts can serve as an effective means of communication. The loud and distinct sound can be used to alert employees and guide them to safety, ensuring a swift and organized evacuation process. This can be particularly valuable in large facilities where verbal communication may be difficult.

4. Time Management: Air horns can be utilized as a time management tool in a warehouse or distribution center. By assigning different horn signals for specific tasks or time intervals, forklift operators can efficiently coordinate their activities. For example, a short blast could indicate the start or end of a shift, while a longer blast could signal a break or lunchtime. This can help improve workflow and ensure that operations run smoothly.

5. Training and Education: Air horns can be used as a training aid for new forklift operators. By incorporating different horn signals to represent various scenarios or actions, trainers can simulate real-life situations and assess the trainees' response. This hands-on approach can enhance learning and ensure that operators are well-prepared to handle different situations they may encounter on the job.

In conclusion, an air horn for forklifts can be a versatile tool that goes beyond its traditional use. From enhancing safety and traffic management to aiding in emergencies and time management, the air horn can significantly improve efficiency and productivity in a warehouse or industrial setting.


1. Can the portable rechargeable remote-controlled train air horns be used on forklifts?
Yes, the air horns can be used on forklifts as they are designed to be portable and can be easily installed on any vehicle, including forklifts.

2. How loud are the air horns for forklifts?
The air horns have a sound level of up to 150db, ensuring a loud and attention-grabbing sound to alert others in the vicinity.

3. Can the volume of the air horns be adjusted?
No, the volume of the air horns is not adjustable. They are designed to produce a consistent and powerful sound level for maximum effectiveness.

4. What is the range of the remote control for the air horns?
The remote operation distance for the air horns is up to 160ft, allowing the operator to activate the horn from a safe distance.

5. Do the air horns require any installation on the forklift?
No, the air horns are ready to use straight out of the box. Simply connect the battery, and you are ready to go. No additional installation is needed.

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