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Super Loud Awesome Remote-Controlled Horn!

I purchased the two horn model, and it is super loud. I cannot even imagine how loud the 4 or 5 horn set would be. Fast shipping and a quality product! Would definitely recommend!

My girl loves it.

This makes chicks super horny. All that vibration and they just want to hump, hump, hump. They just start humping the air like a horny dog when it smells poo. I just love it.

Dewalt Train Horn Gun - Dual Trumpets

Professionally made, excellent quality, amazing sound!
Speedy delivery.

I’m happy with the purchase of the train horn gun, it’s just fun to play around with it!

Showed up on time and works terrific louder than I thought it was gonna be.


Its every thing you said it was. I was imprest Really Loud REALLY Its worth the money. I love it.


love it pissing people off

Horn review

Works great keeping predators away from our livestock.

Craftsman 4 horn

I love this thing. It's plenty loud enough to inform the tweaker neighbors that it's time for bed.😁😁 😆😆

Ryobi Train Horn
Richard Jones
Football fever

Really starts things off right when you run through the banner and players hear the boss horn going off.

Great horn

I have a lot of craftsman battery powered products, and this fits right in with him. The only thing I wish they would do is keep the locking mechanism on the trigger, so I don’t accidentally pull the trigger when I’m carrying it in my hand

BossHorn premium

Wow! This thing is ridiculous and bad ass!! So loud and easy to assemble. Must have product.
Well worth the money 🔥⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I have always enjoyed hearing train horns. I have train horns on my ‘95 Jeep…FUN! When I saw this “portable” train horn, well I HAD TO HAVE IT!!! I went big too! I already have the DeWalt batteries and charger so all needed was the gun and the horns…all BIG HORNS. WOAH!!! The real deal!!! Save your hearing and be sure to wear protection! They are LOUD!!!

Great service Great volume love it

Alaska….DeWalt version

Works great…and kinda fun for running the grizzly bears outta the yard

This is the “Boss” of all handheld horns

I've been testing out the Milwaukee Premium Boss Horn for a few days now. It's awesome being able to use it with the remote. It's been entertaining to see neighborhood kids running around trying to figure out where the trumpeting noise is coming from.

Best purchase EVER!!!!

I'm a private events DJ and I purchased this item to add a little extra awesome sauce to the services I provide to my clients.

I brought the horn to a wedding I did this past weekend. I gave it to the bride and let her do her thing. It was a HUGH success. It literally blew people away!!

I'll be bringing this horn with me to every event I do!

Horngun is amazing!!

The Horn Gun is absolutely amazing! Its incredibly loud train horn sound grabs attention from far distances, making it perfect for parties, events, or just for fun. It's durable, easy to use, and works flawlessly every time. Highly recommend for anyone needing a reliable and powerful noise-making tool!

Awesome Train Horn (Dewalt 2 horn model)

I am using this horn to encourage honking from the trucks and cars which drive by the Axe The Carbon Tax Camp Protest Rally on Hway 1 just west of the Canadian city where I live. It is loud and perfect for the job. Also love the remote so I can stand away from the horn when I am using it...

Works great, definitely worth the money. it’s extremely loud 11/10 definitely recommend!

Everything was better than I expected

Using it for Football practice

DeWalt Train Horn Gun with Remote

Great horn

It a cool horn I really like the remote feature I’m looking forward too scaring people with it

Better than expected

I had a hunch that the unit would be louder than expected! Yup, it was! I use it to deter neighbor’s dog that strays and digs up my yard and defecates on it. I also use it to scare neighbor’s stray rabbits that somehow manages to dig under the mutual fence.

This horn is such a humane way to deter the animals. Also could be used as a secondary passive means to deter intruders. Haha.

Awesome horns

Loud !! I love that you can put it under your hood and use the remote. I really bought it for my boat. ( you know , for those jet ski idiots) but I use it under the hood of my truck and when I take the boat out I use it for that. And I bought the red horns with the long horn upgrade. Sounds awesome!!! Thanks for your product guys.