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Loud as Hell!

Very load! Using it to replace an air horn!

Super laut!!

Jeder will mal hupen, das macht jedem spass.


Loud and the remote is awesome!

Great Device

This will be demonstrated at a Shriners Clown School coming up at my Shrine Temple, Rizpah in Madisonville, KY and the SOUTH ATLANTIC SHRINE CLOWN ASSOCIATION meeting at the Shrine Temple in Evansville, In.
Multiple parades are coming up in which the horn will work great. After I obtained the batteries, I really liked the product. There are clown units at every Shrine Temple in the US. Well worth sharing information.

Fast shipping💪🏻💪🏻

Great quality!

Super loud and great quality. Very fun to use. Well worth the money!

Amazing! I love it! Great invention

Milwaukee Train Horn
Wayne Huntington
Great sound!

I was pleasantly surprised with the sound quality and love the remote feature!

Milwaukee Train Horn
Christie Bobo

This horn is freakin' awesome!!
Everyone has came up asking where we got it!
It gets the team so pumped up!
Love ❤️
Love ❤️

Ridgid Train Horn

Very happy with it!!

Couldn't be happier to upgrade my impact drill and prank my neighbors 😅

Simply love it! Best California made product out there! You guys ROCK 🔥

awesome horn

What a cool product. No one can say they didn't hear the horn anymore! Cant wait to use it at our next car meet-up. thx guys , keep it loud!!

Ryobi Train Horn
Thomas Royer
Ryobi Boss Horn

Very happy with the boss horn. Very loud everything as advertised on their web.

Ryobi Train Horn
William H Sauer
Kayak horn

Love it rest of the family hates it

Makita Train Horn Gun Dual Trumpets with Remote Control

Ordered 3 items and just love my horn guns!

I ordered the 3 different ones: Milwaukee, Dewalt and Ryobi and they work perfect! Especially the long range remote is so fun to use for pranking my friends 😂

Boss Horn Dewalt brand

I first bought the Boss Horn as a novelty gift. But after getting it and "playing" with it for a bit, I started to realize there are practical applications. I'm a firefighter for a local department. Many of our houses sit far off the road and have driveways that the fire truck can't get down. We have to carry our equipment to the house. One of our safety systems in place is, should an evacuation of a building take place, or a change in strategies (offensive to defensive) our drivers are to sound their airhorn on the apparatus for 30sec. Well, if the apparatus is hundreds of feet away from the house, the chance of hearing it is almost zero. This horn could be placed at the doorway of the structure and sounded for that announcement. It would resonate throughout the structure, allowing personnel inside to hear it and know it's time to evacuate. This saves firefighters lives. I'm glad I bought it. I plan on trying to get my department, and other departments to consider this as an option.

Load love it

I got my girlfriend good she thought a car was coming in the house :)

Ryobi Premium Train Horn Gun with Remote Control

Don't order

Ordered this several months ago, and never received the order

Wonderful experience

I’ve always loved bells and horns. This one’s fantastic and it works with my tool battery which I always have anyway so get one today they’re fantastic.

Dewalt 20v Air Horn

It was might night when I open the package 📦 this is absolutely awesome 💯

wow, pretty trick piece of work, and super loud. love having the remote.